The Youngest Maccabi // Haggai Misgav

Guerilla leader turned charismatic statesman, Jonathan the Hasmonean exchanged his daring tactics for shrewd diplomacy to take the Hasmonean rebellion center stage

Yodit the Ethiopian Cinderella // Steven Kaplan

Victim turned villainess, Yodit/Gudit/Judith is a legendary Ethiopian figure shrouded in mystery. Was she a renegade Christian or a vengeful Jewess? It depends on who’s telling the story

A Latter-Day Deborah // Shulamit S. Magnus

As Jews and others pioneered the American West, Ray Frank blazed a different trail, advocating – and demonstrating – increased women’s participation in Jewish life

Supermensch! // Yonadav Engelberg-Barbiro

The fledgling comics industry wasn’t glamorous or high-powered, but it made talented Jewish cartoonists very rich. They may not have been great synagogue-goers, but the superheroes they created drew on their Hebrew-school heritage nonetheless

Book Review

Judaism in Africa: Abayudaya of Uganda, Arye Oded // Ari Z. Zivotofsky

Jabotinsky: A Life, Hillel Halkin // Sara Jo Ben-Zvi

From the Archives

Hidden Heart of the Community // Yochai Ben-Gedalia

Locked away in the community bureau of many European Jewish communities was a cabinet whose carefully guarded contents were priceless in more ways than one

History Live

Rethinking Feminism – Professor Tamar Ross // Hillie Moyal


Luboml City Post // Itamar Atzmon

The first stamps to show synagogues and Hebrew lettering came from a Polich town in 1918