Always a Stranger // Yemima Hovav

Maurycy Gottlieb aspired to be Polish Jewry’s national artist, changing its image with his brush and palette. His tragic death cut short his musings on Jewish identity

From Port to Port // Atar Peleg

Nothing fazed the potential immigrants from Thessaloniki’s bustling port – neither the draconian union contract they had to sign nor their working on Saturday, which they’d never done back home. Was their absorption into Palestine’s Jewish workforce a success story or just exploitation?

Heroes on the Walls of Haifa // Yuval Malachi

The Crusader forces besieging the high walls of Haifa were unprepared for the fierce resistance they met. On the ramparts, Jews and Muslims fought side by side, simple laborers and soldiers, united only by the danger they faced

No Jew Left Behind // Shmuel Faust

Founded by Russian Jewish conscripts, Estonia’s small but proud Jewish community produced a rich cultural Yiddish and Hebrew heritage, until the Nazis stamped the country“Judenfrei”

Book Review

Proust, Benjamin Taylor // Elka Weber

A Day at the Museum

Roots on Fifth Avenue – The Jewish Museum NY // Sara Jo Ben-Zvi

Tale of a Trail

Tantura Glass Factory // Tamar Hayardeni

From the Archives

The Ultimate Schism // Adrien Seppa

The identity of Hungarian Jews near the elections for the Jewish congress in mid-1880s