100 Good Years // Rachel Sarfati

New Year card hold a fascinating record of the previous century

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King of Cantors // Akiva Zimmerman

From Vilna to Warsaw and from Tel Aviv to New York’s Carnegie Hall, Moshe Koussevitzky was always certain of his mission – to preserve the soul in cantorial music and bring it to the Jewish masses

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Jew // Yemima Hovav

Jewish painter Moritz Oppenheim beeded much more than a talent for drawing to gain recognition as a painter outside the walls of the ghetto

Beneath the City of David // Sara Jo Ben-zvi

The newest discoveries uncovered by the Elad foundation are nothing short of sensational. A visitor to the City of David can now visit Byzantine and Roman ruins, walk the very steps of the Tyropean Way, and follow in the paths of a hidden drama of Jewish heroism that played  out within subterranean passages

Splashdown // Hillel Ori

The first civilian flights in Israel didn’t use land-based airports. Imperial Airways, forerunner of British Airways, used to land its planes on the Sea of Galilee en route to the Far East

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Yehuda HaLevi // Hillel Halkin

Heads and Tales 

Kinship or Kingship // Itamar Atzmon

Who was Agrippa? A loyal servant of the Roman empire, or a faithful Jew and brilliant statesman engaged in a precarious juggling act between conflicting interests? The coins he minted tell a double-headed story

From the Archives

Splitting Shares in the World to Come // Yohai Ben-Gedalia