Jewish? French? Italian! // Yoav Sorek

In the foothills of the Italian Alps, far from the oppressive heat of Rome, the Jews of Turin stood out as active players in the struggle for a united Italy – and planned a synagogue to match their achievements

When Shakespeare Spoke Yiddish // Yair Lifshitz

The Yiddish theater adored Shakespeare’s King Lear. It spoke to American Jewish audiences of family loyalty transcending generational differences, while in Soviet Russia, it became a tragicomic vehicle for political criticism

Writing with Grace // Asael Abelman

Grace Aguilar was no less romantic a figure than the heroine of her first novel, The Vale of Cedars. Her noble characters, both fictional and historical, were conceived as role models of devoutness and loyalty for Jewish readers torn between modernity and their ancient faith

A Sect at Risk // Dov Kesselman

Separated for more than a thousand years, Karaites and Jews coexist today in the State of Israel and may soon be indistinguishable

Book review

When General Grant Expelled the Jews, Jonathan D. Sarna // Elka Weber

Laterally Speaking – Ancient maps in perspective // Motti Passal

Jerusalem in a unique 19th century map

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The Wedding that Wasn’t // Yochai Ben-Gedalia