Together in Spirit // Dov Kesselman

Pilgrimage has long been a means of spiritual uplift and healing. Crossing cultures and eras, the human urge to seek religious inspiration in specific places is as strong today as ever. A sampling

Twentieth-Century Prophet // Dror Bondi

Abraham Joshua Heschel was groomed to lead a Hasidic court, but felt that God was calling him to create an activist spiritual and ethical philosophy with a message for all mankind

Romans on the Roof //Hughie Auman

Crashing through the ceilings of the cliff-side houses of Gamla, Vespasian’s crack troops only just escaped with their lives. What secret weapon led to the first Roman defeat in the Galilee? Josephus’ Wars of the Jews may hold the answer

The Jerusalem of Argentina // Hana Holland

Baron Maurice de Hirsch envisioned thousands of Jewish farmers on the Argentinian pampas. The resulting townships were a rare combination of cowboy grit and Yiddish culture – but where are they now?

Book review

The Gaon of Vilna and His Messianic Vision, Arie Morgenstern // Elka Weber

The Aleppo Codex, Matti Friedman // Elli Fischer

Heads and Tales

The Absence of the Menorah from Bar Kochba’s Coins // Itamar Atzmon

From the Archives

A Seat by the Eastern Wall // Yochai Ben-Gedalia

Seating map in a Crailsheim (Germany) synagogue from late 18th c.