The Best Defense // Yagil Henkin

Ben-Gurion could never have declared a state in May 1948 without first painstakingly transforming Palestine’s ragtag Jewish militias into an army

Year of the Locust // Ari Greenspan and Ari Z. Zivotofsky

The recent swarm of locusts that invaded southern Israel was nothing compared to the great plague of 1915. Amid drought and world war, the locusts brought famine and death

A Soul Divided // Asael Abelman

Though baptized at age twenty-eight, Heinrich Heine remained torn between Judaism and German nationalism, tradition and modernity

Jews Down the Well // Lior Alperovich

The Norwich blood libel was history’s first to target Jews. Could the ancient skeletons recently found in the town belong to the victims?

Dangerous Liaisons // Tal Ilan

Royal, rich, and well-connected, thrice married and twice widowed, lover of the emperor’s son, and a Jewess to boot, the great-granddaughter of Herod the Great set the Roman Empire’s teeth on edge. Meet Berenice – the Jewish princess

Book review

Flags over the Warsaw Ghetto: The Untold Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Moshe Arens // Elka Weber

Seventy years after the Warsaw ghetto uprising, Moshe Arens’ book recalls the forgotten fighters who did not live to tell their story

Moynihan’s Moment: America’s Fight against Zionism as Racism, Gil Troy // Yitzhak Klein

A new book enshrines a moment of diplomatic heroism that today’s politicians would do well to emulate

From the Archives

The Angry Convert // Hadassah Assouline

A letter sent by Lenin’s great-grandfather to the czar was intended to make as much trouble as possible for the Jews of Russia

History Lives

True Freedom – Natan Sharansky // Anat Adler-Tal

Post Script

Posting Independence // Itamar Atzmon