Secrets of the Qumran Calendar // Shlomit Kendi-Harel

Why did the mysterious ascetics of the Dead Sea sect and the wealthy Jerusalemite priests of the Second Temple clash over the calendar? Could the answer lie in the sect’s preference for a fixed solar calendar rather than the lunar one used by their contemporaries?

The Surrealist Jew // Yemima Hovav

Was Marc Chagall a painter first, or a Jew? Despite personal protestations to the contrary, and the unique fusion of Cubism, folk art, and Fauvism he created, Chagall’s life and work speak louder than his words

Faith Under Fire // Adam Tsachi

 Three veterans’ stories from the Yom Kippur War tell how the war affected their faith

Solidarity Synagogue // Howard Goldenberg

Broken Hill is a long way off the beaten Jewish track. Historically, that track has been followed by Jews grown weary of being beaten, retreating from the last place of adversity to the next place of opportunity

The Pledge on the Mountain // Liat Josefsberg Ben-Yehoshua

For generations, the Jews of Ethiopia renewed God’s covenant with an annual pilgrimage to a sacred mountain. What remains of that ritual in Israel today?

Book Review

The Rarest Blue, B. Sterman with Judy Taubes Sterman // Elli Fischer

History Lives

Snapping History – David Rubinger // Anat Adler-Tal

From the Archives

When the Wall Came Down // Yochai Ben-Gedalia

Town improvements revealed the graves of Algiers’ ancient Jewish sages – and the brilliance of a young rabbi and researcher

Heads and Tales

Crossed by the Crescent // Itamar Atzmon

What dictated the style of coins minted in Crusader Jerusalem?