For Goodness’ Sake // Abigail Green

Montefiore’s philanthropy was legend not only among Jews. Working with Christian activists, he promoted Jewish causes in the name of humanity and civilization, and gave without regard for creed or nationality

A Lady’s Influence // Yemima Hovav

For half a century, Lady Judith Montefiore was the proverbial great woman behind a great man, partnering her famous in his husband philanthropic activities and strengthening his commitment to Judaism

Judith’s Kitchen // Edna Assis

Lady Judith Montefiore as the author of an anonymous 18th century cookbook

Recipe for Disaster // Uri Melamed

Our in-house chef tries his hand at one of Lady Montefiore’s recipes

Gone with the Wind // Tamar Hayardeni

Almost nothing remains of Sir Moses Montefiore’s costly efforts to bring the impoverished Jews of the Holy Land into the modern world. But though the institutions he established swiftly disintegrated, his vision laid the foundations of a functional Jewish society in the land of Israel

Brave New Philanthropy // Yochai Ben-Ghedalia

Sir Moses Montefiore was just one of a new breed of Jewish philanthropists converging on Jerusalem to challenge the status quo in the Holy Land

At Rest in Ramsgate // Tal Kra-Oz

Not content with having the soil of Bethlehem strewn on his coffin, Sir Moses Montefiore recreated a piece of the Holy Land for his family mausoleum

From the Archives

Head Count // Hadassa Assouline

Montefiore’s census taking was an essential part of his attempts to modernize the Holy Land, but many saw it as the source of all their ills

Rhyme and Reason

Rolling Through Jerusalem // Hili Moyal

Montefiore’s horse-drawn carriage rolled through the streets of Jerusalem only once – and he wasn’t the one inside it

Meet Sir Moses

Excerpts from his diaries and his wife’s, edited by Dr. Louis Loewe