Treasures of Exile // Eli Gurfinkel

Don Isaac Abravanel rose to the greatest heights of two powerful medieval courts only to be dashed to the depths as a fugitive Jew. Was his grandfather’s apostasy the source of his determined loyalty to Judaism, or was it his conviction that salvation was just around the corner?

Ghetto Millionaire // Asael Abelman

Mayer Amschel may have turned the name Rothschild into a synonym for wealth the world over, but he himself was born and died in the Judengasse, Frankfurt’s squalid Jewish ghetto

Matza – More than Just Crumbs // Ari Greenspan and Ari Z. Zivotofsky

Today most people buy their matza in the supermarket, but before machine-made matza was invented, there were almost as many types of matza as there were Jewish communities. And when war made Passover necessities hard to come by, creative solutions brought their own innovations to the age-old order of the Seder


Torah from Sidon // Itamar Brenner

An ancient Torah scroll brough from Sidon, Lebanon by paratroopers during the Lebanon War in 1982

Book Review

A Small Town Near Auschwitz – Ordinary Nazis and the Holocaust, Mary Fulbrook // Melody Amsel-Arieli

History Live

Saving Kuni Lemel – Mike Burstyn // Anat Adler-Tal

From the Archives

Aryans on the Defensive // Yochai Ben-Ghedalia

Who was behind a mysterious Hebrew poster circulating in Italy in the 1920s – the Jews or their enemies?

Heads and Tales

Money Talks // Itamar Atzmon

Judean first coins from the Persian period