Hunting the Fox // Yagil Henkin

Faced with kilometers of trenches and barbed wire, and the Third Reich’s most talented commander, General Bernard Montgomery had to use all the tools at his disposal to break through Erwin Rommel’s line of defense at El Alamein. His victory was a turning point of World War II – for the Jews of Mandate Palestine as well as for the Allies

Apron Strings in Babylon // Shirley Graetz

Though married to a senior official in King Hammurabi’s government, Zinû seems typical of women of her time – and ours. Her letters to her family show how little relationships have changed in the last four thousand years

Pen and Sword // Hagai Mazuz

Poet, scholar, politician, and soldier, Samuel Hanagid stands out even among the giants of Spanish Jewry’s golden age. His military achievements and diplomatic skills made Granada a great kingdom – and won him the bitter enmity of his Muslim rivals

Zion Hits the Road // Gil Zohar

Foreign vehicles that once bounced down the Holy Land’s uneven roads far outnumber local models in Israeli classic-car collections. A few rare, restored 1960s models are all that remain today of Israel’s fledgling car industry

Book Review

After the Holocaust the Bells Still Ring, Joseph Polak // Elka weber

From the Archives

What Words Cannot Say // Yochai Ben-Gedalia

An elaborate spy network involving highly respected rabbis as well as Enlightenment Jews smuggled shocking news of the 1881 pogroms in Russia out to Europe, preventing a czarist cover-up

History Live

A Musical Testimony – Prof. Andre Hajdu // Hillie Moyal

Heads and Tales

Hoping for a Miracle // Itamar Atzmon

Why would a community under Roman siege bother producing its own makeshift coins? The answer lies in their inscription, whether it reads Gamla (the town) or Geula (redemption)