My Son the Pirate // Yoav Pulver

Few rabbis have lived a life as colorful as Samuel Pallache. Merchant, diplomat, and emissary to the king of Morocco, Pallache even resorted to piracy to exact his people’s revenge on the Spanish fleet

A Beautiful Mind // Yemima Hovav

Actress Hedy Lamarr may have owed her fame to “standing still and looking stupid,” but she was anything but. This assimilated Jewess combined aspects of her colorful past to patent something that could have torpedoed the Nazi threat to Allied ships – if the U.S. Navy had only seen fit to use it

A Dig Full of Holes // Sara Jo Ben Zvi

Has the Maresha excavation unearthed a pile of junk or the key to a Judea much more diverse than we’d supposed? The best thing is, you can find out for yourself

Fundamentally Extreme // Tehila Bigman

In recent years, the very name IS has evoked fear, revulsion, and even panic in the West. The answer is to know one’s enemy – where the movement sprang from and where it diverges from mainstream Islam

Book Review

The Lost Book of Moses, Chanan Tigay // Elka Weber

Tracking the “Lost Book of Deuteronomy” of Wilhelm Moses Shapira’s

From the Archives

Looking for Ludwig // Daniela Goetz

A Vienna old photo takes an archive researcher on a journey

Tale of a Trail

The Underground Prisoners’ Museum in Jerusalem // Tamar Hayardeni

History Lives

Yosef Mendelevich // Hilli Moyal