Lonely Man of Honor // Yemima Hovav

Ultimate visionary and despicable rival, forged in his native Odessa but focused on the Promised Land, Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky was unique – and an outsider – among Zionist leaders. Forty years have passed since his heirs brought his liberal economics and complex politics into Israeli government. A life

Witness for the Defense // Tamar Hayardeni

Rabbi Zadoc Kahn stood firm against the rising tide of French anti-Semitism following the Dreyfus trial. Accomplished philosopher and fearless Zionist, Kahn was proud to count among his friends not only Baron Rothschild, but France’s most notorious “traitor”

Balsam Wars // Geoffrey Curer

Its price was well above rubies, and bloodshed, sex, and power followed in its wake. No more than a desert shrub, Jericho’s balsam was coveted by some of the biggest names in antiquity

Book Review

We Were the Future: A Memoir of the Kibbutz, Yael Neeman // Elka Weber

Babatha’s Orchard: The Yadin Papyri and an Ancient Jewish Family Tale Retold, Philip F. Esler // Henry Goldblum

A new study of how a date orchard by the Dead Sea fell into Jewish hands sheds little light on its owner’s religion and politics

History Live

Rachel Levmore // Tal Noiman

Tale of a Trail

Eilat // Tamar Hayardeni

Portrait of a People

Pastry Cook with Red Handkerchief by Chaim Soutine // Naomi Samuel